Arthur Mueller


since 1990 Member of the German Crafts Association, Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk
since 1989 Studio manager at the Institute of Ceramics
and Glass Arts of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences
since 1984 Development of forms and glazes in his own studio
1981 - 89 Master craftsman in the studio of R. and H. Heckmann, Schwäbisch-Hall
1980 Qualification as master craftsman
1978 - 80 State Technical College for Ceramic Design, Höhr-Grenzhausen
under Wolf E. Matthes, Ernst Stauber, Karl-Ludwig Schmidt
1976 - 79 Employed as a journeyman in various potteries
1973 - 76 Training as a ceramist in the workshop of Kurt Schöffel, Alfdorf
1955 Born in Newark, New Jersey, USA


2006 Deutsche Meisterkeramik, 2nd Prize for Design and Vessel
1980 Commendation in the State Prize and Young Talent Award for Crafts
from the state of the Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz

Competitions & Exhibitions since 1979

2017 Ventura College, New Media Art Gallery, Ventura, Los Angeles, USA
‚Hollyweird Tube / Formed in Fire’
2014 Düsseldorf, ‚Resonanz’, Hetjens Museum
Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka/USA, Looking at Fire, woodfired works by 16 ceramic artists
2012 Kleinsassen, Kunststation, ‚Materiales Denken’
Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, ‚Materiales Denken’
Europäische Kunstakademie, Trier, ‚Materiales Denken’
2009 Mainz, 40th Anniversary of the German Crafts Association, Rhineland-Palatinate
2007 Ratzbek/Wesenburg, Collection Peter Siemssen Foundation
2006 Koblenz, International Saltfire Ceramics 2006
Dresden, Deutsche Meisterkeramik
2005 Bremen, Crusoe Halle
2002 Höhr-Grenzhausen, ‚Form und Glasur’ , collection of contemporary ceramics of the Kreissparkasse Westerwald bank,
Höhr-Grenzhausen, Deutsche Meisterkeramik
Frechen, Centre of Modern and Historical Ceramics, Maßstäbe
Koblenz, International Saltfired Ceramics 2002
1997 Hamburg, Rosenthal Studio House, Saltfired Porcelain
1996 Offenburg, Keramik Offenburg ’96
Schwäbisch Gmünd, Johann Michael Maucher Competition ’96
1995 Mainz, State Prize and Young Talent Award for Craft, Rhineland Palatinate
1992 Koblenz, State Prize and Young Talent Award for Craft, Rhineland Palatinate
1991 Ceramics Talent Award from the Nassauische Sparkasse bank
1991 Offenburg, Contemporary Ceramics ’91
1989 Worms, State Prize and Young Talent Award for Craft, Rhineland Palatinate
1987 Offenburg, Contemporary Ceramics ’87
1985 Höhr-Grenzhausen, Deutsche Keramik ’85
1984 Karlsruhe, Richard Bampi Prize
1982 Höhr-Grenzhausen, Deutsche Keramik, ’82
1981 Osnabrück, Richard Bampi Prize
1980 Mainz, State Prize and Young Talent Award for Craft

Works are held in public and private collections